Running is now a team sport

Run when you want, where you want, alone or with your friends. Kilometres, speed, elevation: you earn points for your team with each run.
You may run faster alone but you'll have more fun with your team. Join an exisiting one or create your own. Ready to touch the sky?
To earn even more points for your team, be strategic in choosing which teammate to boost and exercise your mind/grey matter with the daily quiz.
Not only is the SquadRunner beautifully designed, it's free and available on iPhone, Android and web platforms.

A selection of our favourite teams

SquadRunner's 10 most active teams

1 | Barys KZ0 pts
2 | NA Flagvisor149,815 pts
3 | Viktoria RUN141,136 pts
4 | МИР132,280 pts
5 | UA Runners 114,762 pts
6 | Dmitry Erokhin Squad113,294 pts
7 | UA Runners II103,620 pts
8 | UA Runners III102,391 pts
9 | Aerobia100,007 pts
10 | squad charentaise 16/1797,773 pts
Is your Squad ready to play?

May the Squad be with you

Whether you're a couch potatoe or a gold medal Olympian, you can be part of the SquadRunner world.

They run with us.

Download SquadRunner and get your team going!!